türkisblaues Wasser und Granitfelsen

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Wood breathes

just like we do.

Holz atmet

Wood is smooth,
wood cools warm skin.
It feels good
to touch polished wooden floors with bare feet.

Hohe Wände aus Holz - die traditionelle Bauweise sorgt für natürliche Luftzirkulation

In the humid heat of the tropics you will appreciate the soothing breeze from the sea to cool you down.

To invite every breath of wind, the traditional Creole House is built on stilts, with high walls and wood slaps above doors and windows, allowing the air to circulate beneath the house and throughout the rooms.

This is emission free natural air-conditioning.

Ferienhäuser aus Holz auf La Digue - aus Liebe zur Umgebung

We built our houses with and out of love. With love for wood and for the surrounding environment and with affection towards the people who gratefully open their heart for the beauty and the magic of this island.
To make you feel good here.
Just like we do.

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