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You will find us here

Arrived on La Digue

La Digue Hafen will reach us within a few minutes.
Just let us know the time of your arrival and we will arrange for a taxi waiting for you at the jetty....

...or take your time, walk along the pier and turn right to Tarosa in front of the tourist office to have a refreshing drink and enjoy the view over the sea.

Leaving Tarosa you will come back to the street, turn to the right and just in front of Nouvobanq on the left you will see a sign leading you to Bamboo Lodge and Chateau St. Cloud. Just follow the road up to the biggest mango tree on the left behind Sitronnel Guesthouse. If you now turn right you will find yourself just in front of the reception .

He knows the way

Ochsenkarren auf La Digue

to Bois d'Amour

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