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What are you dreaming of?

Welcome sunrise at the sea, with lots of free memory on your camera... 


Die Seele baumeln lassen - auf den Seychellen

...or wake up slow and start the day
with an extensive breakfast on your open veranda.
Get out and explore La Digue on foot or by bicycle,
find the most beautiful spot and relax in the shadow
while listening to the stories of the ocean...

...or go hiking in the rainforest,
climb the highest point of the island
and admire the impressive views.


...or have a look under the turquoise-blue surface,
go snorkelling with colourful fish
and meet gentle sea turtles.

Take a cruise,
circle around the island on a small boat,
drop the anchor in hidden coves,
enjoy the sea until the sun sets on it...

...and keep on dreaming with the stars of the magical southern sky above you.

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